Pro tools key commands


I’m Switching from Pro Tools to Nuendo 11

When i check The Key Commands, the Pro Tools Short cuts Preset is not showing up

I tryed to Reinstall the Nuendo a couple times but still not working

Does Anybody know how to fix it?


Note that there are different aspects to this.
I for example have neither Steinberg standard nor a replication of PT. But I did use PT basics as the foundation for our setup in the hope that for basic functionality it would make it simpler. And it did. A little.

Basically what I’m left with these days is RTADN, space and Enter that’s exactly the same, everything else Is probably different.

They just are not the same, you can’t fully mimic all PT behaviour with Nuendo.

However the Steinberg setup didn’t gel with me at all as I am basically all post, I don’t need or want to consider midi and music features as keycommands when I do my “daily driving”.

So while I am very comfortable with my current set, I parbably would do it differently if I did it again from scratch, but yes I think I’d still keep RTADN, space and Enter that’s exactly the same. I’d just consider everything else in terms of BOTH usability and easy of learning. My current set is a bit of a mishmash with both but not consistently so, it would have been better if it was.

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One thing to note (and totally unfamiliar to PT users) is that you can save and reload your personal set of keyboard shortcuts - and some other aspects of the application as well. You don’t have to relearn anything if you work on different systems all the time, and even better: You don’t have to stick to stupid keyboard shortcuts :wink:

Well I don’t know why that is happening, but here is my xml file. Just put it in your KeyCommands folder.


Pro Tools KeyCommands.xml (174.9 KB)


Thank you