Pro Tools Language Translator

Hey everyone,

I’ve somewhat had it with Avid. I’m a life long (so far) user of both MC and PT.
I work in Post Production and have a USB key for a trial run of Nuendo.
Here’s my question:

Does anyone have, or know of any type of guide between terms or similarities in Nuendo?
Yesterday I was looking for something and couldn’t find out what the action was called.

A Nuendo for Pro Tools would be greatly appreciated.


I think your best bet is to ask here or search for related terms in the manual.

I don’t recall seeing a Nuendo for PT users guide really.

I understand.

I’m always hesitant to ask questions on forums sometimes so I don’t seem like such a newbie, HA!
Maybe I should take notes along the way, and share them for others thinking of making a switch, or picking up another DAW.

Start a thread and label it something like “how do I do this in nuendo, for pt users”…

Make sure to look at this video:

Also try to not get to stuck in trying to do stuff exactly like you did in PT. It will make you slow.

Hey, bro…somebody tripped and fell on the Font Size button for your Sig.

I’ve checked out the first episode, I’ll dive a little bit more into that.

And I agree, I’m not trying to do stuff in Nuendo as I would in PT. It’s counter-productive.
There are just things that are worded differently or closely related that I’m trying to find in Nuendo, to learn the Nuendo way.

Yesterday I spent a good 5 minutes trying to find the KC for increase waveform size, until I noticed the slider on the side of the arranger. LOL
Stuff like that.

cough You don’t like manuals, do you …? ;-D