Pro24 - 1986

not sure if this has been posted previously:

for those in the UK with fond memories of Fred Harris, Lesley Judd and Ian McNaught-Davis.

Also worthy of note is Steinberg’s Tony Hastings tremendous mullet and Lesley Judd’s outfit, which I think was also used in episode 32 of Blake’s 7 ?

pinging @musicullum as I don’t know if he’s seen it :slight_smile:


Looks like my attic.

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Add a Fostex 8-track and a Drumulator, and it’s pretty close to my first studio.

That’s awesome! My God, how spoiled we are these days. And, people still keep bitchin’! :laughing:

I love seeing these old videos. :sunglasses:

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I also had Pro-24A, on the Amiga … anyone else?

What a great trip down memory lane, thanks for that!


Lesley looks like a fancy Christmas gift!

Second that. :+1: