Probably cringe-making newbie question

Hello there,

Forgive me if this is a laughably idiotic question…

I’m following a YouTube vid on how to create a drum track using the Beat Editor. The first thing it tells me to do is to open an instrument track and then select Groove Agent as the VST. I’ve installed - or I think I’ve installed - Groove Agent. It appears as a tab in the Library Manager with many entries.

But it doesn’t appear in the VST Instruments list in Cubase itself. In fact, no instruments that I downloaded and installed appear there, apart from Helion and Prologue. I don’t know what I did right with them that I didn’t do with Groove Agent and the others.

I have Cubase 11 Elements, by the way.

Could someone tell me what I ought to have done - I understand that gentle mockery may be inevitable.

Thank you,


Did you install ‘Groove Agent SE’ (Not ‘Groove Agent’ which is the higher tier version not included in Cubase)?

Make sure any downloads are from the Elements selection in the Steinberg download assistant - and don’t go to the VST instruments sections in there, as they are generally paid for add-ons.

If you have installed the higher tier Groove Agent i would expect Cubase to alert you that you don’t have a license when first running though, did this ever occur?

Yes, it is SE.

However, I think I’ve progressed my problem a little.

I was expecting to find the drums I wanted in the dropdown menu of the VST Instruments window that pops up when I try to add a track. But, as I say, it’s not there. Also not in the VST Instruments window on the right hand side. But all that GA stuff does appear on the Media tab, under Loops and Samples. So I’m just misunderstanding the terminology, I guess. Whatever it is that GA does, it’s not an instrument. It’s a sample.

I can practically hear the palms hitting foreheads. Sorry. I’ll get there… I’ll try to come back next time with a more intelligent question.


Groove Agent is an instrument, it should show in the instrument box as so:-

Check your “VST plugin manager” within Cubase and ensure it’s not accidentally gone in to the blacklist section. And that you haven’t accidentally hidden it.

Also - did you install the Groove Agent SE instrument and not just the content packs?

Both good questions. I shall investigate. Thank you.

no questions are cringe questions never feel afraid to ask we have all been there and we all return i am certain even the experts in here will have their own questions…
as you can see there is always someone here to help (sometimes it takes a bit of time but someone will always try at least to help you newbie or not)
good luck sir .

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Thank you for this, Tony. One hates to feel like a nitwit, but it’s great to have access to all this expertise.

The answer, by the way, was what skijumptoes suggested. On my latest attempt to install Cubase (I’ve had other unrelated problems) I apparently failed to install the instrument as well as the content pack.

I’ve posted another question, which is perhaps a bit more of a challenge…