probably elicenser problem... cubase pro 9.5 won´t load.

Hi, I had to go back to Windows 7 Ultimate because Windows Pro 10 did not work well with my computer. I installed the Cubase 9.5 but when I tried to run it it failed. I got this message… “eLCC.exe- System fault
The program could not start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-1-0.dll is missing on the computer. You can try to fix the problem by resetting the program.”

Uninstalled the elicenser and downloaded a elicenser that fits with the windows 7 and updated it. When I tried to start Cubase it won´t start.
I get this message…“Application Cubase 9.5 has caused the following error: DCOM connection to program Synsopos.exe failed. Error: RPC-server not availible.”

Is this a problem related to elicenser? When I click on Cubase the program start but quickly stops and I get the error code.

What can I do?

Thanks for any help.

Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Fully update Windows 7
Install the latest eLicenser Control Center

Thank you!

yee. same problem here… tryin to reinstall cubase and eLicens no

I installed Direct2D from Microsoft (Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64) and the problem gone.

Worked for me !
A BIG thank U mate !!!

Please explain how to install Direct2D. I didn`t found any installer. Direct2D is a part of DirectX. Should I install latest version of DirectX or there is another way?

Try searching for KB2670838 as mentioned in previous posts. This is a Win 7 update.

Regards :sunglasses: