Probably not Right Section - Getting Channel 9-14 to be Acti

Hello I don’t really know where to post this question and hope someone sees and can help me. I have Cubase LE7 and using the Tascam 1800 interface. Everything is working properly except I cannot use the 1/4 inputs. In devise setup it shows the instrument inputs inactive and I do not know how to get them active. I’ve you tubed info searched seems everywhere but no luck getting the answers. If someone can tell me the steps- process to get the 1/4 inputs to be active to record with please help me. I hope I described as much as possible and I posted this in the Tascam forum group hoping “someone” can help me Thank you

The good news: the fact that they show inactive is not your problem.
Active/inactive only means whether or not you are using that particular input in your current project.

So when you say you can’t use them, does that mean that when you create an audio track, you can’t select them as an input to that track?
Go to VST connections and verify if these inputs are showing there, and are assigned to busses.

Thanks for your reply, Correct on your comment " you can’t select them as an input to that track?" I have gone to VST connections and those input past 8 does not show and I’ve tried to add buses passed 8 example 9-14 but they will not assign, nor when I got to my project window and click on any track, and input routing theres nothing there just mono 1-8. when I try to assin another bus, it will not let me assign further than 8. Dont know what im doing wrong. Will the LE7 let me add busses from 9-14 on tascam. I know on LE versions they are limitations. Didnt know if I have to contact tascam on this. Thank you for your help!

Ah you’re right, 8 is the maximum number of input channels in Cubase LE 7.
That information was annoyingly difficult to find btw, it would be nice if Steinberg included LE and AI versions in the version comparison charts.
I found it here anyway:

Thanks very much for giving me this helpful info! I’m purchasing cubase 8 this way I can have all feature I’m wanting. I have saved my personal channel template with color scheme per channel with instrument name on each track and going to have to figure out how I can import my personal templates into cubase 8. . Thank you again for your help you gave me!!!