Problem activate the license Cubase 12 pro

Hi all, I am having problems activating the Cubase 12 pro license (Upgrade 11 to 12).
this happened when the usb-licenser device was broken and when I acquired a new device I could not activate the license

thanks for your help,

Please follow these instructions to restore the activations from your previous USB-eLicenser dongle:

In a few days, you’ll receive a replacement license for Cubase Pro 11 via email. You’ll then be able to activate your Cubase Pro 12 update license.

Dear friends, I already received the Cubase 11 Pro license and it was activated.
What I can’t do is activate Cubase 12 Pro.

e Cubase 12 Pro.}

Can you take a screenshot of your Steinberg Activation Manager and the eLicenser Control Center (with the eLicenser serial numbers edited out), so we can see which licenses are currently active?

Dear, I send requested information.

Best regards,


It looks like you’re just one step away from activating Cubase Pro 12. Open the eLicenser Control Center and click Maintenance (“Mantenimiento”) to the top right.

After doing that, please try following these instructions (taken from this support article):

  • Close Steinberg Activation Manager and all Steinberg applications.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Reopen Steinberg Activation Manager.
  • If that doesn’t work, sign out of Steinberg Activation Manager and sign back in.

Dear, thank you very much for the support. I already have Cubase 12 activated.

Best regards, Marcelo