Problem adding a send effect.

This is a strange one. I opened a new project and was starting to add a send efx. I noticed that the browser for the efx vst only went up to F. If I clicked on the + I could see all the vst but in a strange order.

Next I noticed that Cubase had frozen. I re-booted Cubase and tried again this time I selected a vst with the + extending the selection and there was no freeze.

All projects on the on the Project Assistant have disappeared.

I am wondering if this is my problem or has anyone else noticed this behaviour. I tend to use templates with all the send efx I need being already loaded. I was altering a template when I noticed this.

Windows 64
Cubase 7.0.1 64
12 gig ram
Intel 3.2x6
ATI Radion HD 5400
RME Fireface UC

By using the + it opens all the pathways.
I did not notice this behaviour in 7.0.0.
I would appreciate a reply even if this does not affect your system. I can’t think what might be causing it.

No ideas?