Problem after installing cubase to a new pc

Hello, I just made a new pc with i9 10850k and I installed cubase and all the plugins that I use, but when I am trying to open a project that I was working on , the cubase suts down at the last second before opens the project.
Do someone knows what may happens?

Hi, xvogiatzis, and welcome…

Probably a plug-in misbehaving, used with your new system. The first thing I would check is to see if there is any one listed in the Blocklist pane of the VST Plug-in Manager window (i.e. 32 bits plug-ins are no longer supported). After this, added precisions needed :

  • Which Windows version ?
  • Which Cubase one ?
  • Have you tried using the safe mode (Ctrl-Shift-Alt keys hold down while launching Cubase) ?

When the recent Cubase versions stop opening, one of the reasons given is incompatible plugins. Either they become out of date or do not work with Cubase changes