Problem and instaling questions Cubase 9.5 Pro

Hi! Im new here. I’am beginer and don’t have any expirience with Cubase and have some questions.
First sorry for my language and mistakes, please frogive me im tried. Ok first question. My install has 14,8 GB (Cubase_9.5_Installer_win_) - floder.
When i install Cubase 9.5 Pro on my hard disc in folder where is program he has 600 MB. Installer and everything was Ok, but i don’t have in folder (where is program installed) VST sounds - (only fev). I wonder that my install is completted or maybe Cubase read sounds from (Cubase_9.5_Installer_win_) - floder i’ dont get it. I’m worry that I dont have many options who i should have becouse installer was broken or i made some mistakes or I should do something in Cubase but I dont know what to have all thios effect or sounds. Another question I about soft e lincecer. What is it? How to activate? and if I activate soft e licener i must be coneccted with internet to run? And can i have 2 ,3 versions in oher computers. becouse i heard that if i have e licenecer i can install Cubase in 2, 3 or more computers but program needs e Licencer. Now I uset it and it’s fine work but not always I’m connected with lan (internet). Thank for Help and remeber I’am beginer.

The vstsound files install to a different location.

Soft elicenser is not relevant to you as your license is stored on the USB elicenser.
Cubase Pro can only work with the USB elicenser plugged in…you can install on other computers and swap the usb dongle between them.

I’m not sure I understand the issue you’re having with the VST sounds so can’t really comment. Are there sounds missing? Is there an error message to that effect?

You can’t use a soft licenser with Cubase Pro. The license for Pro has to be on a USB eLicenser.

First at all thanks for responding fast. I try explain much more claearly. I need to know where Cubase install Vst sounds and why not in folder in program Vst sounds or he using from location where I Install program. This instalation file has 14,8 when is packaged (rar file) wnen u unpack u have 28 GB takes from my SSD so I make 3 copy installation files - (package pach and unpack) - in different disks - (to be save) and I wanna delete one (install) from SSD - where of course I install my Cubase Pro 9.5 and of course I wondering about correctly install goes. Can anybody tell me how to make shure that I have all this sounds and effects and whre Cubase install it or from what localization he takes Vst sound. Thanks for responding, sorry for mistakes.

Thanks for clearly halping with e soft licenser - did Cubase will be working when computer will be not connected with internet?
Thank for help!

I believe the VST Sounds are all stored by default within directories here:


Cubase does not need to be connected to the internet when running.

Hi! In this folder C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\ i don’t have Content folder only Audio Export Post Process Scripts and Download Assistant. Any other ideas ?

Only content folder I have is in my installation file C:\Users\User\Desktop\Steinberg Cubase 9.5 Pro Retail Orginal version\Cubase Pro 9.5 - Full\Cubase_9.5_Installer_win\Cubase 9.5\Cubase for Windows\Additional Content\ ) I want to delete it or change places it becouse I was thought that was only instalation files and Vst sounds willl be copy to program destination folder so i need to have shure where I Cubase install it or he takes from this destination and if he takes from destination what now? I delate or copy and what Cubase willl not have any this sounds? (sorry for mistakes) - Thank’s for helping me! I’m a begginer, copletly green.

Thanks for cleary help with e soft licenser! then I all know what I want :slight_smile: