Problem Audio Driver

I have the Behringer UMC404HD audio interface. The Behringer product page offers dedicated audio drivers for it, but Cubase 11, and 12 is having an issue with it . Every time i try and record simple midi, after a second or two Cubase freezes/hangs/crashes. If i try a different driver, everything works fine, but the downside is I loose full functionality of the four inputs, and two outputs of the UMC404HD i.e. only one input and one input is available.

Any help advice would be appreciated. Perhaps a more compatible Audio interface, or maybe a more advanced Windows 10/11 audio driver offering four inputs, and four outputs. Or maybe its a configuration issue with my current setup?

Hi! Could you tell us the whole of your system specs? I have a second rig, a mobile one with a laptop and that extact UMC404HD, and never had any issues running its driver inside Nuendo 12. So there must be something else going on. Do you have background apps running? Is your driver updated?

If you have a current crash dump (located in “Documents\Steinberg\Crash Dumps” you could upload it here, so we could analyze it. Maybe there is something else going on…

Thanks for your reply, but not to worry, I’ve chatted with Behringer about it, and gone through some steps they suggested, and it looks like it might be faulty hardware. I’ve rearranged my setup now, and took it out of the ‘loop’.