problem copy/pasting events C6.5.1


I’m having a small issue with C6.5.1

trying to copy a selected event (MIDI, or Audio events doesn’t matter) with the usual keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V

…nothing happens…

Only through the Edit menu Copy and Paste can I copy the event, (and by Alt+dragging the event)

In the Key commands, everything is in the right place… what am I doing wrong?!



C6.5.1 (64) /Win7 HP (64)


I don’t understand what is going on with my key commands

NONE are working - in all editors of Cubase 6.5.1

Only after trashing the preferences they work fine …for a while,

after a while Cubase seems to forget all key commands, though in the Key Commands menu all are in the right place!

I’m not sure under which circumstances it happens, but I’m not touching preferences etc

I tried resetting all key commands - no luck

I’m working on a couple of projects, simple copying-and-pasting stuff becomes a nightmare having to go through the Edit menu each time

anyone else??