Hi everybody
i got a little problem with my cubase 6 ,before it always been perfect, since yesterday, after connecting the pc over the net it freeze completly a the browser page (where you can choose what kind of project you want to open) but if i connect the internet cable then it s working!!! really strange!!! what can i do?? cause i don t want to connect the pc all the time i m using cubase.
please help
thank you

Try deleting all cookies…(maybe something is trying to connect to internet)

ok i will try now and let you now… :slight_smile:

nothing happened, its completly frozen!!! and then i connect the internet cable and it work!!! very frustrating!! :cry:

if i disable the ethernet card then is working as normal but it shouldn’t work like this! i ive got the same configuration that i used with cubse 5 and i did not have this problem, hope someone can tell me what i have to do.
help please

Hello !

I am trying to reproduce this trouble.

Can you explain "after connecting the pc over the net "

I will see if I can be of any help. Thanks ! and good luck

Ok to reproduce this trouble try to take out the adsl cable and then lunch cubase
To me it stop at the browser project and it freeze, then i got two option
1 i force the exit to close cubase
2 i reconnect the adsl cable and then it let me open a project
I don t think this is a normal Behavior!!!
This it means that i have to use cubase only if i m connected to internet or otherwise i have to disable the ethernet bus to make it work properly

Ahhh. I have ethernet connected to LAN only but no internet connection on my DAW (removed Default Gateway and blocked its MAC in my router).

I think I am unable to reproduce your error because of that.

If it helps - I once had a DSL provider that also gave me a software cd. If you did install software from your DSL provider it may be worth exploring that route for compatably problems (ie. un-install your DSL software and see if you can still function)

Unfortunatley i don t have any installation for the internet, the dsl connection in my house is automatic,coming from telephone company and the router is auto installing it self,anyway i didn t have this problem with cubase 5
Thank you

To me it sounds like a non Cubase problem. Ever notice the long pause opening windows explorer (to get to C:,D:) when you have an unreadable/unformatted CD. Maybe you have a mapped drive letter or some sort of connection to another computer that is not there when the network cable is disconnected. Cheers.

Actually when i open the drive or explorer it s very fast!!! The windows installation is very fresh, every thing worked good till i decided to register cubase, then i put the adsl cable and after this i remove it cause i don t use internet on this pc,( i didn t create the connection for internet, was automatic) well anyway if i disable the connection from the controll panel then it s working properly