Problem Deleting Multiple Bars (Measures) in Dorico Pro 3.1

In Dorico Pro, I want to annihilate the last 62 measures of my flow, so that they don’t exist anymore.

It’s not intuitive, so I find the directions for deleting multiple bars here: Deleting bars/beats

Two things don’t work as expected:

  1. Shift-B does not open the Bars Popover, as the directions promise. (So I open it with the mouse.)
  2. The data field for entering the number of bars will not accept the - (minus sign) as the directions promise—either from my regular keyboard or the numbers pad.
  3. Further, there’s no wording in the Bars Popover about deleting/removing anything, but only about adding/creating things. This seems like such a no-brainer feature to have if the popover is supposed to allow deletion.

So I have no way to delete multiple bars without the painstaking process of deleting them one at a time, which thought makes me very sad.

Is this a recent bug? I’m pretty sure I have the latest version, as the last update was in 2020.

Any ideas?

I don’t remember what existed in Dorico 3 exactly… Does alt-t show the system track? If so, it’s a nice tool to delete non-empty bars.
If your 62 bars are empty, the appropriate command is Trim flow (or shift-B, trim)
By the way, I have been reading most of the posts here since November 2016 and I don’t remember people complaining about shift-B not working. There certainly are problems with alt-shift-B (in German?) in Note input, but the bars popover, sirry, it doesn’t ring a bell. I am not saying that your problem does not exist, but that there must be some way to solve the issue. Not sure it’s the best of times for the Team to try and solve it, 5 days after a major release, but I am confident they will find something!

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If Dorico 3.1 has the ability to Split Flows, you could split the flow after the final filled measure and then delete the empty flow.