Problem disk in cubase 7.5 artist

Hello, when start play button in vst perfomance disk pass this:

But only when start disk peak, in more time disk is minimum level. Thi is good?
In level overage sometimes peak but with more latency dont do, at 512 works good.
I have i7 3.4 ghz 16 gigas ram 250 ssd and 2T hdd
Thanks a lot!!!

Are you using/streaming from an external usb harddisk + using a very low buffer setting? And also, are you using the ASIO driver which comes with your soundcard, if there is an ASIO driver for it?

Try and raise the buffer setting in Cubase’ - device setup / vst audio system, and also raise the ASIO buffer to about 1024, if possible.

Of cause, you could also check your DPC latency with this tool (all meter levels should be green!):

But raising the ASIO buffer would probably cure the problem.

thanks for replay :wink: i check it.
But now the problem is cubase do fatal error and close… is possible because i use sylenth a 32 bits with cubase 64 bits? vstbridge i think dont run very well…