Problem drum rolls in Cubase 5 / BFD

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I’ve been trying round the web to find a solution to my problem but as I‘m not even sure what it is I have difficulty in naming it : “Problem drum rolls in Cubase 5” is what I came up with, but it got me nowhere in Google. So I thought maybe by going straight to the source an answer would come.

I program my midi drums for my rock songs on Drum Editor through BFD. As I have been doing for years. About 6 months ago I started with Cubase 5 on a new computer. (Which serves only for that I might add, it’s otherwise empty)

The thing is the drum rolls: if I program one with 12 beats to the snare it will only play back 3 ! It’s as if the computer can’t interpret “so many” snare hits. The song is not even going fast : 86 bpm. Needless to say, triplets and ghost notes go completely unnoticed.

There must be something in one of the menus to unleash more “response” or something. I used to get prefect results on Cubase 3 years ago with a much older computer, I just can’t understand it.

I also have no idea if it’s Cubase that’s creating the problem or BFD ! What I mean is there’s all sorts of little menus in BFD like groove agents etc but I’ve never had any use for those. But it sure doesn’t say anywhere “add snare sensitivity” ! My use only goes as far as the two graphs in the bottom right – to make BFD sound less mechanical.

Could anyone put me on a lead as to what the problem might be please? And if you do, please bear in mind that I’m only a musician and not a pc programmer – all I can do is follow a strict order destined to a strict place in one of the menus and click on it!! : )

Thank you in advance to anyone who might !