Hello… I just got my self a new pc. So i ofc wanted to record my music on it, via my Zoom16.
So i went to download eLicenser, so i could reactivat…

But when i try to use eLicenser with my Activation Code, this message comes:
“currently, there is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can downloade you licensen to. Please connect you usb eLicenser …blabla…
In case you dont have any usb eLicenser, and you want to download the license to a so called soft-eLicenser.”

Ive tried to download it again, to see if i made a mistake or some thing. But it keep saying the same.
Its may be a simple problem, but its driving me made, please somebody help me…


ps; i got my cubase le4 on my harddisc, and not on the pc it self.
The hard disc is ofc connected, and everything on it works fine on the new pc.

Lots of this going around lately with no fix except to send an e-mail to with re-activation in the title explaining the situation.

Thanks… ill try it.