Problem extending a note in Variaudio

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to extend a tone/note in Variaudio. I isolated the note in a single audio clip and consolidated it. The problem is that the audio clip has its border so I can’t extend it further than that in Variaudio. It looks like this:

So I have two questions please:

  1. How can you extend an audio clip further when there is no more information after its border? Or is it not possible?

  2. I did have SOME room to extend the note with Variaudio, I just dragged its right edge more to the right, but even dragging it a tiny bit, creates an audible click. Is it supposed to be like that? I used Melodyne in the past and I remeber being able to lengthen notes with no problem. So I guess I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance


Do so in the Project window. Change the Object Selection tool to the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool and resize the Audio Event.

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Or you could select the audio - select events to part - extend the part - bounce

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I tried both of your methods they work very well thanks guys(: