Problem getting side-chain button on Izotope Neutron Equalizer

I think this may be a VST2 vs. VST3 issue.

I have been trying to duck a vocal. I had done this successfully in an earlier project using the Izotope Neutron Equalizer. When I tried to repeat this technique, my Neutron EQ would not display the side-chain button in the top bar. I went back to the old project and found that it did indeed present the side-chain button, so what gives?

As I dug into it, I see that in the Inserts pull-down, the Izotope products appear twice (see the “pulldown” file below.) They appear under Izotope / EQ, and also under Izotope directly. I assume one set is VST3 and the other set is VST2, but I can’t see any way to differentiate between the two. As you can see from the other screen shot, one has the side-chain button and the other does not. I assume it is the VST3 version that shows the side-chain button, but how can I tell which is which?

More importantly, how can I tell Cubase to not display the VST2 versions. I need the VST2 versions for other programs, but I don’t want them showing in Cubase. SONAR has a feature that automatically disables a duplicate VST2 dll if its VST3 twin is also present. Is there anything like this in Cubase? And manual way to get this out of my Insert menus so I don’t make the same mistake again? I don’t want to remove the VST2s from the folder where they are resident, and that folder needs to be scanned because it contains some VST2 plug-ins that I do need under Cubase.

I assume you’re using the default plugins set-up?

If so the solution to the plugin profusion part of your problem is to create your own collection via the plugin manager which will show what the different versions are. Thus you can create a structure that only shows the V3 plugs and make this your default collection.

The Icon to the right has /// that indicates VST3.
And yes create your own collection and folder structure to easily find what you need.
Takes some time but you only have to do it once and keep it updated when you add new plugins.

OK. I’ll build my own collection. And thanks for the clarification about the “///”. Maybe it is just me, but wouldn’t it be more helpful for Cubase to display “VST3” instead of “///”?

Just a quick update for anybody else struggling with multiple versions of plug-ins in the pull-down. This isn’t documented particularly well, but it isn’t that complicated either. Cubase creates a DEFAULT pulld-down menu that includes everything it finds in the VST scan. It makes no effort to filter out the cases where there are both VST2 and VST3 versions.

You can create your own VST pull-down list and use that INSTEAD of the default one. You do that in the Plug-in Manager. The easiest way in most cases will be to copy the default container to your own container and assign it as the active container. At that point, you can right-click any of the unwanted entries to delete them. Your container will continue to be used in all projects until you change that assignment. If you install new VSTs, they will not automatically show up in your container, so you have to maintain that manually.

I only install VST 2 if there’s not VST 3. Having plugin manager full can get complicated when sorting.

I can probably do that next year. Right now I think the Band-in-a-box and Finale versions I have support only VST2. I skipped BIAB 2019 but will probably buy BIAB 2020, which does support VST3. And I don’t really case what plug-ins Finale can use because I use Dorico 98% of the time now.

Thank you all for this topic! I have faced the same issue with sidechain button in Cubase 11 with iZotope plagin. Now I know the reason. New list of plugins with only version 3 is a lifesaver. Thank you all!