Problem - Halion 4 and Absolute VST Instrument

I have bought licenses Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk. I have used these extensions under Halion 4. Yesterday I downloaded the trial version of “Absolute VST Instrument Collection - Hypnotic Dance Triebwerk”. Instruments “Absotute” as a VSTi operate in the full versions for previous licenses, but after installation can not be run under Halion 4. How do I fix this?

hi ferdeck,

the HALion 4.5 needs an Update in order to use the updated content sets.
This Update will come in the next days as far as I know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Similar issue here - Dark Planet programs show up in HALion 4 and HALion Sonic (latest releases), but the Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk programs do not. Steinberg tech support has been investigating this (kudos to the US Steinberg guys working this – they are very diligent and responsive). Don’t know if it’s the same issue, but perhaps a forthcoming update will address? I also have an issue that with Dark Planet installer, no AU or VST stand-alone plugins are provided (only HALion). Again, perhaps a forthcoming update will address this? Cheers.

Hi there,

indeed your issue will be solved with an upcoming Update of HALion 4.5.



Hey Marcus, do you have an ETA on when the next Halion update will be available?

Hi Cantankerous,

soon come…very soon…but I do not have a concrete date at the moment.

But it will be released soon…

I am aware of it and will provide you with news as soon as I can…



Thanks Marcus!

Will this update include anything else, besides the fix for the above issue? Any new features or refinements?

will this fix the same problem in halion se?

Any new news on the new update? It has been another 10 days since this message was posted. Just curious is all!


Nothing has changed in terms of cooperation and AVI H4.
H4 is still not loading presets with Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk.

Can u other users is just that the problem still exists?

After the update Halion 4.5.3 still do not load the sound Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk. What’s going on?

Can someone answer?!!!

H4 will load the Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet presets for me, when running as a stand-alone app (Mac OS X 7.5). However, when H4 is running inside of Cubase, the Cubase Media Browser scans the presets as expected, but H4/Sonic don’t load them from inside the respective instruments. Tried rescanning the sound sets in the media browser, but no difference. Wondering if the Cubase Media Browser also needs to be updated for H4/Sonic to recognize these new sound sets? Cheers,

Hi there,

the Update works on my system and Cubase 6.5 on Windows 7.

  • Please reset the Cubase preferences.

If the issue persists:
Please write system specs here, so we can sort out the issue.



Marcus, the update works on my Mac (10.7.5) system, as well. With H4 and HS updated, I can now see the programs when the Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance or Triebwerk instrument set is selected from within H4 or HS. So this is now fixed (thanks). My comment above was when running inside of Cubase 6.5.4, that if I use the media bay selector along the top edge of the H4 or HS window (versus the internal H4 or HS media browser), it does not associate these three sound set instruments with H4 or HS – thus their programs are not displayed in the right pane of the Cubase media bay browser (perhaps expected behavior?). Not a big deal since I can now select programs from within H4 or HS. Was just wondering if that’s what the others were referring to, above…

Hi Marcus,
I work in the Sonar X2. Under the control of X2 presets do not load the H4. The same thing happens when I run as a standalone soft H4.

Hi there,

you will have to use the HALion 4.5.3 Mediabay in order to gain access of the VST Instrument Sets.

Please use the Rescan Option in the HALion 4.5.3 Mediabay.



Thanks Marcus,
After scanning all works.

PS: Will offer to update Absolute VST Instrument for users Vst Sound Instrument?