Problem: How to copy/paste MIDI in variable tempo project?

Hi - I have a MIDI piano chorus that I’d like to have repeat several times in the song. The basic rhythm track is already recorded. I’ve played the MIDI piano chorus part once, and I’d like to copy/paste it to the other portions of the song.

The part I’m having trouble with is that it is a variable tempo project (the song is a somewhat different tempo every at every chorus) … so, when I copied the MIDI chorus from one part of the song to another, it didn’t “fit” and the timing was all off.

Before I sat down to actually overdubbing/replaying each of the MIDI piano choruses live and trying to get the timing just right each time so they “fit” … does anyone know a good way to just copy/paste it several times and then adjust the timing so it fits?


Assuming song is tempo mapped just put the midi track into musical mode.

Musical Time Base. :wink:

Oops…yes, timebase is the one, thanks for the correction (he said between gritted teeth)…No more Chicago for you, Steve??

Ok, will try, thx much!

Yes… I said one thing incorrectly, and that’s what they told me, “No Chicago for you!” :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

This was it - thanks Grim!