Problem importing multichannel quicktime mov file

We get a lot of multichannel (multi mono, or channel group of x tracks) qt movs.
Usually we get them from broadcast stations to do reversioning in a different language of a documentary.
In PT i was used to import the qt mov an get all the containing audiotracks as they were.
In Nuendo (7.1) i just get some kind of a mixdown of all the tracks, or just the first 2 tracks as a stereo file.
Isn’t there a way to get all the tracks as they are in the mov file just from inside of Nuendo?
My current workaround is to use PT, import, reexport as aaf - done - kinda sucks! :wink:

If there is no way yet, please SB, make it happen!
It’s a very essential thing to get those tracks from a container file like QT, same with the MXF container!
Overhere we work a lot with XDcam MXF files… same there - no way to import in NUENDO :frowning:


One one else has this problem?
So how do you deal with multichannel MOVs then?