Problem importing tempo track from Cubase 10.5 to Dorico

As in the header: I’m trying to import a tempo track from Cubase 10.5.20 to Dorico 3.5.1, but this won’t work. It stops importing and then says ‘error opening file’. After that, the only option left is to click OK and that’s it.
It’s not a huge file: 2,5 minutes of music and not really crowded with notes and midi data.
I can import it as Midi, but the computer gets really slow and takes minutes to load the file, IF it gets past 60% loading. If it does, the whole system is so slow, I can’t work; every calculation costs ages. Normally Dorico works flawlessly and fast on my pc, but midi import is a PITA and importing a tempo track isn’t even possible.
The SMT file is 8kb large, the midi file 65kb. The midi file seems fine in terms of kb’s, the tempo track seems to be small IMO, but I don’t know what’s normal for that, although I think it should be comparable to a midi file in size, since it contains pretty much the same data if I’m correct.
My pc is Windows 10 X64, i7 4790, 64 GB RAM and all software is on SSD.

Hopefully someone has a solution!

IIRC Dorico does not store its info as MIDI, so the delays you experience may be related to conversion of the MIDI into native Dorico data structures. That, however, does not preclude the existence of other factors slowing down the process.

With luck, one of the team will be along shortly to give a better view of what may be happening.

The tempo track only contains tempo changes, so unless you have a lot of gradual tempo changes it will be tiny compared with the complete MIDI file.

Zip up the MIDI file and tempo track and attach them here, otherwise we are just guessing what the problem is.

Thanks for the reply. I understand I always misinterpreted the way a Tempotrack works, so I learned something new today :slight_smile:.

In the meantime I tried several ways to import the midi file, but it gets stuck every time at around 60% in Dorico. Since this doesn’t show any improvement, I decided to give it a try and import it into finale V25. Luckily Finale shows what it’s doing while importing, instead of Dorico only showing a status bar with a percentage how far it is, and the funny thing is Finale counts a whopping 32767(!) bars of music for a piece of music 2,5 minutes long(and then freezes too).

I’m out of options, so I will attach the midi file, maybe someone knows what to do.
Piraten.rar (23.5 KB)

The problem is that there are some bits of MIDI data a long way past the end of the “real music”. When you import the file into Dorico, it will be trying to create thousands of bars rest to fill up the gap.

Finale presumably tried to do the same, but gave up after 32767 bars. Dorico doesn’t have that “limitation” on the length of a score!

The offending data is at the end of all the string tracks (from Violin I through to Double Bass Appassionata) and also Bass Drum.

If the real music is 2.5 minutes long, this will probably be somewhere around 700 minutes in the Cubase project.

Delete everything after the end of the “real music” and try importing the files again.

I checked if I had deleted everything, which I thought I did, but apparently not, as Dorico still stops at 60% when loading the file.
How can I be sure everything is deleted after the real music? I deleted all left-over bars and I checked with the key and list editor if there was no data after bar 96, which is (for now) the final bar. Is there another way to check this?

I don’t have Cubase, but in Reaper it is obvious from the display which tracks end at around 2 min 30 sec and which ones continue “for ever.”

I trimmed off everything at about 3 minutes from the start. The result imports OK into Dorico, though it looks like there is a note “stuck on” in the cello track.

There are other bits of MIDI data that start at about 2 hours 40 minutes, and end at about 36 hours 40 minutes (!!)

Here you go:
piraten (35.3 KB)

Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot! The file indeed loads without any problems now.
I thought I had trimmed every track as well, as all tracks ended at around 2m50s and nothing was left, but apparantly there’s still some info in the tracks. Also the project is set to maximum 7 minutes, so I’m baffled about what the problem might be. The stuck note in the cello isn’t visible in Cubase, all together it’s a strange situation…

That seems like a bug in Cubase, where somehow it “ran off the end” of the real data and converted something random into MIDI notes.

It might be worth asking on the Cubase forum.