problem in cuabse 6.5 64 bit

Hello before few days I change the settings of VST plugins (Device -> Plug-in Information->VST 2.x Plug-in Paths)
I did that the system will search for VST plugins on disc C and every time i open Cubase its searching in all over my computer and after the search Cubase doesnt open.
after some reinstalls of Cubase it doesnt open it and still searching VST plugins on disc C.
I dont know what to do if someone can help me thanks. :confused:


I tlooks, like problem with some plug-in.

Try to move all your plug-ins out from the C drive. But I’m afraid, it will not help. So, try to trash your Cubase preferences.

Trash your Preferences 1st. That should reset the plug in search to the default setting…

how do I do it?

thank you very mach is very help me!! :smiley: