Problem in directing sounds to Windows speaker while using Cubase


I hope this email finds you well.

Lately I bought a package of the Steinberg Production Starter Kits which includes the UR22C and also the Cubase software. I have all setup and connected but found I cannot hear anything from my PC. May I have your professional comments on how can I make it work ?

Current connections:

ST-M01 -> UR22C Port 1 -> Windows 10 ( via USB cable provided )

While opening the Cubase software, and in the Transport console, I can see the signal from the mic ( with signal goes up and down ) and I can also record in the transport console. However, I try to play ( or listen ) , there is no sound.

I have already set the audio driver to Yamaha driver in both the input and output. I have already redirected the signal in Windows to local audio instead UR22C output.

But still fail. So frustrating.

It will be grateful if you can give me an insight on how to figure it out.


Do you have your speakers (or headphones) connected to the ur22c?

Dear Misohoza,

Good morning and thanks for your reply. I dont have speakers connected to the UR22C. But i did use the ST-H01 ( provided headphone ) and connected to UR22C to monitor , but still fail. no sound.

I have already turned the volume of the output in UR22C to mid level.


Create a project
Press F 4 for sound connections
Make sure the input tab is set for your UR-C
Make sure the output tab / audio connections is set for your interface.
Read up on the control room feature before you enable it ot it will mess you up. It is a little complicated.

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Dear Draghe,

Thanks for your kind reply. I will go back and check and set again to see whether it is ok or not. For the input part, i am quite sure it is set so that i can see the signal level in DAW. For output, i will reset again :slight_smile:.

And about your advice, i will also go over the control room feature part to see whether it is ok or not.

Thanks a lot and hope it works during this weekend.


Dear Alex,
You are welcome. Good luck.

it’s really worth using the Control Room in my view - zero reason not to but lot’s of advantages if you do.

Dear Dr. Strangelove,

Thanks for your comment and kind reply. Control room feature becomes my first priority then :slight_smile:


Dear Dr. Strangelove,

Further, may i know whether Control Room feature is one of the function in Cubase like Transport ?


Hi Alex

Control Room comes with Cubase PRO

hi Dr, Strangelove,

Thanks for the video and just go over it. Control Room is really useful and easy to manage lots of control in one page. But i am sorry that i am using Cubase Artist version only and no plan to upgrade to Pro version.

Therefore, i may need to stick to the solution of my case in Artist :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

The worst case is i need to choose another DAW which can work with UR22C. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cubase Artist will work great with the UR22C :slight_smile:

hi Dr. Strangelove,

I think so as i bought the Production starter kit includes both and i think this should be one of the perfect match. But may be because i am not good in setting the connections so that i cannot hear anything. :frowning:


keep trying - and search youtube

hi Dr. Strangelove,

Yes Sir and thanks for your time. I will keep trying :slight_smile:


Thanks Dr. Strangelove,

Finally i make it and i am so stupid in not setting the knot in UR22C. It works fine now.

Next step will be the adding of tracks to my project. :slight_smile: yeah


great news - and thanks for reporting back.

if you have any more question then it’s best to start a new thread…have fun

:pray: :pray: Thanks a lot