Problem in output form Cubasis with UR22mkII


It is the first time for me to post this kind of report.

I had the problem of Cubasis with Steinberg UR22mkII. I hope this problem will be solved or to receive some hints. So I sent a report to this forums. A prompt reply would be most appreciated.

  1. Summary/Title
    There is the periodic noise in output from Cubasis with Steinberg UR22mkII.

  2. Description
    Connect iPad to UR22mkII with “Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit” and USB Cable.
    And connect a USB power adapter to UR22mkII.
    Import the sin-wave (1kHz, 30min, -3dBFS, Fs=44.1kHz) in Cubasis and playback it.
    And listen to the sound from line out and headphone of UR22mkII.

  3. Expected Results
    There is no noise from line out and headphone.

  4. Actual Results
    There is the periodic pulse noise from both line out and headphone.
    The interval is about 4 min 40sec.
    For your information, it is difficult to listen to the noise when the popular music is played.

  5. Environment
    iPad Air2 (iOS 10.3.2, Cubasis Ver.2.2)
    Steinberg UR22mkII


Hello orphenica,

Thank you for your post.

Could you please help us by answering some questions?

Which Firmware version do you have installed on your UR22mkII? Please make sure to have installed the lastest version.

Does the issue with periodic noise only occur together with UR22mkII? Have you tried it just with the iPad headphones output?

Thanks and best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

The firmware version of UR22mkII is V1.04. I think it is the latest version according to the release note of Steinberg.

I didn’t check the noise with only iPad. Please give me time to confirm. FYI, there is no noise with the same iPad and UR22mkII using Auria and GarageBand instead of Cubasis.


Hello Stefan,

I’m sorry, I might write the misleading message. I let you know my result again and the updated information.

I didn’t do the check with only iPad before. After I wrote the upper comment, I checked the output from phones of iPad without UR22mkII. There was no noise. So at this moment, there is the noise when I use both Cubasis and UR22mkII at the same time.

I hope it will be helpful for you. Thanks.


Hi orphenica,

I gave the issue a short test at our end.

Playing back a similar sine wave test file (1 kHz, 18 minutes, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit) did not bring up any strange issues via headphone.
Please have a look at the environment used for this test.

  • Could there be other important steps required to be involved in the test?
  • Could the issue be related to something else (does the UR22mkII device is cabled with additional cables/equipment, defective adapter etc.)?

UR22mkII, iPad Pro 12.9", iOS 10.3.3, Cubasis 2.2, Apple Lightning to USB Adapter -> w and w/o powering the iPad, Samsung Power Adapter, Headphone


Hi Lars,

Than you for reply.
I will upload the detail about this issue and let you know it.


Thanks for providing the files, orphenica.
Downloaded all of them and will discuss the topic with the team.