Problem in replacing audio in video

Hi! I have two problems! I use Cubase LE 7 for voice over projects. A project of mine was to put my voice in a video, so I replaced the first audio with my audio that I recorded through my home studio (focusrite scarlett 2i2). So, I exported the video with the new audio. This video is a mov file. The first problem is that I can export only mov files! I dont know why. I have tried other video files too (mp4, avi, mpg), but in vain. Then the second problem is that I can hear it only if the computer has Quick time player! What can I do about that? How can I change that? That’s a project and I have to deliver it. If the client has not Quick Time player what is he going to do? Another thing is that he wants to upload it at his site! It will be impossible to be heard. If somebody hasn’t quick time player then the video is mute!!!

Hello Cecilaki,

Cubase LE has limited video import format options and doesn’t support some of the other formats you mentioned. You would need the full license of Cubase Artist 8 or Pro 8 for support to import on those formats.

My advice if you are using Cubase LE to import your captured audio from video and then overdub the audio with better quality recording is import the audio be into your Video Editing software and sync it up. Then export to another more desirable video format to give to your client.