Problem in Windows

I have an AXR4u that just arrived recently and I have 2 problems in windows.
1-When I play something from windows (youtube, WMP, spotify…etc) if I do it through the AXR4 the audio cuts off when I move the mouse and randomly (it doesn’t do it through a focusrite scarlett 18/ card 20 that I also have, it reproduces without cuts).
As this happens to me, I tried playing windows in focusrite and through ADAT entering the AXR. Then the problem that the audio cuts out when I move the mouse disappears but the second problem I have appears:
2- While the audio is playing there are small clicks (not exaggerated but audible) they do not interrupt the audio but they are there.
These clicks, however, are not there while I am playing windows in AXR (1st problem) there the audio just cuts out randomly but the click is not there.
I don’t know if it’s a problem with the Yamaha driver, Windows or a digital clock problem.
Has anyone had this happen or know what’s going on?
Thank you very much in advance

Most likely this is a clocking issue, your word clock settings are not right.
A word clock mismatch results in sporadic clicks and pops.

That probably points to a USB problem… but I’m afraid, this could be everything, from BIOS to drivers, cables to weather.
The Focusrite is an USB2.0 device, AXR4 is USB3.0, that’s why the behavior is different.