problem installing Groove Agent 3

Hi Guys,
I have great problems installing Groove Agent 3. I get a warning from Syncrosoft License control that “there are other activated processes that disturb the installation process. Please restart the computer and repeat the installation”

  • which I of course have done several times before posting this.
    I’ve killed every process i can think of (incl MS Essential virusprogram) but get the warning anyway.
    In the dongle Groove Agent 3 shows up normally. I’ve tried installing GA 3 with and without the dongle attached.
    The installation then continues and installs Groove Agent 3 normally but it gets blacklisted in Cubase - I guess because of the Syncrosoft thing but maybe that’s not the reason…
    I’ve tried removing the blacklist.xml file but it turns up again when starting Cubase with GA3 blacklisted.
    I can run Groove agent 3 as a standalone but it doesn’t find the samples.
    Any suggestions ?

After you install GA3, install the latest eLCC from

Is your GA3 license seen now? Delete the blacklist file, are you able to see it in Cubase?

Be sure to update Cubase to 7.0.6 and update GA3:

all is well now :slight_smile:
btw - support wrote this:
try installing the latest version of eLicenser control center from http://www.elicenser.netbefore installing GA3.
In case that doesn’t work either then copy the entire content of the GA3 DVD to your hard drive. Then locate the Licensecontrolsetup-file in Additonal content → PC → Copy protection driver → and remove it before running the GA3 installation from the hard drive…