Problem making audio quantize template

Tried to make a quantize template from a single audio one shot sound. Though when i aply this quantize template to other audio files it doesn’t quantize it correctly. Anyone who knows more on how i can make an audio quantize template?
Very thankful for some help


  • Open Quantize Panel.
  • Open Sample Editor of the source Audio file.
  • Click the Create Groove in the Hitpoints tab.
  • Open Sample Editor of the destination Audio file.
  • Enable Audio Warp in the Quantize Panel.
  • Click Quantize in the Quantize Panel.

Thank you very much, i’ve followed these steps. Fineadjusted the hitpoints. Though when i apply the quantize on other audio material the audio gets shifted in the wrong direction. Can it be due to low volume on the audio which i make my quantize template from?