Problem moving libraries with Library Manager on Mac

Hi all,

I’m trying to move Halion Libraries to an external hard drive using the Library Manager after an fresh install on a Mac. It worked perfectly with the Groove Agent libraries. But for any Halion Library the library manager says, that the files aren’t accessible or used by some process. The only process I’m seeing is HALionLibraryInstallerHelper, neither Cubase nor Halion is running.

Does anyone have a clue what’s blocking the files from being moved?



Anyone ?
@schuchardt: did you solve your moving-library problem ?

oh, it’s a long time ago… even the forum changed and I’m replying from the new and fancy one and only Steinberg ID. Yeah, I got it solved somehow. Maybe I just restarted my computer one fine day, updated the Library Manager or whatever. Now all sound contents is on the external hard drive.

Hey yes. I figured es hate sich zwischen Zeit höchstwahrscheinlich erldigt
As I was about to do the same operation here, I thought I would check in with you :slight_smile: and write my first post around here.
It went like a breeze with the Library Manager…