Problem moving the First System without moving the Title Frame

I didn’t find out why, when I move my first system of a flow, the title frame is moving along for some flow and not moving along for other flow.

I would like to be able to move the first system without moving all the frames above.
Many thanks for your help

Move the small symbol at the bottom of the staff, not the large one at the top, Then the flow heading will not follow the staff.

The difference is that a flow heading moves with the staff while a flow title on the page template does not.


Thank you so much for your quick answer. It works!

I also found out that I can lock the bottom of the frames to prevent the frames to move along the first system (even when I use the big symbol of the system). But I have to do it for each flow individually. When I want to configure the frames locked on each side in Flow Heading by default, the up and down locks are not available. Can you explain me why please?


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You’re editing the flow heading template. You can change the flow heading template’s top and bottom margins globally (in Layout options>Page Setup) or locally in Engrave mode, mini-page tool, where you can insert flow heading changes. That window will open where you can modify the margins (although choosing the same template). As a flow heading can appear anywhere on the page (when Allow different flows on same page is activated) it totally makes sense that the top and bottom anchors are unavailable.
If you want such elaborate page template between flows, you might as well use a new page template with everything set up as you wish and use the Change Page template feature, instead of Flow heading template. Or use a single text frame with all your different tokens correctly set up in it.

Here is a page that labels some of the key margins in Dorico:

As Marc says, if you want a bigger gap between the flow heading and the beginning of the music throughout the layout, change this option:

If you want a bigger gap below flow headings on just one page, without changing the layout’s default gap, see here (you don’t have to change the flow heading template, you can keep using the same one but set different margins)

As to why it moved on some pages but not all: you probably have local page overrides on the pages where the flow heading frames aren’t moving.


Thank you very much for sharing your expertise dear Marc!
Last question: Is it possible to make a Flow Heading template and export it to another project?

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One can add flow headings (like other Page Templates) to a Template Set and export them for import into another project.


thank you very much Lillie :slight_smile:

thank you Derrek!