Problem of pops or clicks on event fades when using Melodyne

I thought that the problem of pops or clicks on event fades when using Melodyne was fixed in Cubase 11. But the problem is still there intermittently. Do we have any information on this point?

Pretty certain the change in protocol, was the Fades would no longer be rendered when applying ARA2, that was the contentious issue.

Whether or not the fades are active when in ARA2 mode is another question, and maybe they aren’t. I’m guessing the ARA2 Audio goes straight to the input channel not applying any fade/volume to the signal.

Which might make sense because, if you’ve already put fades on something, but realize something needs to be fixed - you’d want to hear the raw data, not the faded data.


or maybe you’re talking about something else?

@cmbourget - Before Cubase 11 - the limitation was that tracks with and ARA2 extension on them ignored any clip fades. C11 now allows fades - that was the ‘fix’

Many others have reported clicks/pops around region edges so I suspect there is still work for Steinberg to do.

What you are saying makes sense, indeed. The only problem are the clicks at the start of the event, audible on any event edited in Melodyne and that we want to keep in active extension mode. It’s really annoying in the mix. I have to check, but I think Samplitude doesn’t make those clicks and respect fades. Even Pro Tools, which doesn’t have ARA, avoids clicks. I’m wondering how to get around this in Cubase (which I prefer overall).

It must be that. It would be nice if Steinberg said so! It would save us time.

I think it is that. The ARA2 Event, becomes its own event when its active, so it doesn’t see the Fades and ARA2 plugin routes its audio direct to channel input.

try to develop habbit to bounce some small fades before entering ARA2 I suppose.

But if you run into this situation, some precise fader automation could sort you out.

Also, I’m not sure what affect AutoFade would have. probably the same thing, but you could try turning on autofade to see.

I have to say that I haven’t noticed any clicks - although I don’t use melodyne that much. (windows 10)

do the clicks disappear if you render the track ?

Also cant remember if Melodyne/new version has a master gain/volume automation line that can be activated? if so, could do your fade there

I don’t want to bounce too often. And yes the automatic fades give the same thing I believe (but I have to recheck). In addition, they overload the processor (according to the Steinberg manual) …

I’m going to test it.

It would be complicated, I think.

I agree it’s not ideal - but as a workaround…