Problem of reamping


I have a Problem to Reamping, There is no sound on my amp.

my gear:
macOS Big Sure
Cubase Pro 10.5
Focusrite Scarlet 18i20

On cubase, I create the mono bus for the Dry signal and send it in my output 3 on my interface.
The interface’s output 1 and 2 are for the speakers.

My routing chain for the reamp:
the dry signal ------------------------------->
Cubase → interface (focusrite 118i20) → Output 3In of Dry Guitar mono track → Input of reamp box (Radial JCR) → Pedal Board → Head Amp → Cab

I test the same things without Reap Box and pedalboard:

Cubase → interface (focusrite 118i20) → Output 3In of Dry Guitar mono track → Head Amp → Cab
and there is no sound too.
I m’ using jack (instrument) for the rooting.

Maybe, the problem is on control room (cubase) or focusrite Control but I I have tried everything.
Help me please

Thanks so much

Do you see a signal in the focusrite mixer app (I assume there is such a thing) for the specified output 3? If yes, it is most likely not a problem in Cubase but later in the chain.

there is no signal on the output 3 in Focusrite control :’(
I create the Line output 3n with a link Playback 3 for Cubase.
On cubase, I have a signal and the sound of the Di track but when I assign on the Output 3 I have no sound.

thank you for your time :slight_smile:

It has been some time since I reamped, and I have an RME, not a Focusrite, but my setup still seems to work:
I created an output in the Audio connections:grafik
And the from the DI guitar track I either can set the channel output to this Output or use a send:
And Totalmix show a signal on the output channel:
Not that complicated and I guess you did the same thing, so it’s really hard to say why it doesn’t work at your place…

yes I create an mono Output bus for the output 3
Capture d’écran 2021-03-28 à 18.36.07
after that, I assign the Di track at the Reamp bus (output 3)

On cubase , the signal is good on the DI track
Capture d’écran 2021-03-28 à 18.39.50
but on focusrite control there is juste a signal on the playback 1 and 2 (monitors output 1 and 2) and no signal on the playbak 3 (output 3).

On the Left: Cubase
On the Right Focusrite Control

I don’t understand :’(

Try to turn off solo mode?

:heart: :heart: :heart:
Thank you so much
In Cubase I just turn the DI track on Mute and return on Solo and it wok, I have sound. :heart:
I don’t understand this process but it work, I’m happy
Why can I do this peocess?.

Thank you :slight_smile: