Problem on Import OMF from an old project


trying to load an old project on the new version.
Was Cubase SX (maybe?).

The file is approx 900mb, .omf.
It says “Could not read OMF file!”

If I send to you the link to download the .omf, can you check whats wrong and help me on recover it? Or discover the exact version it was made (can’t recall exactly)?
So I can try to redownload that version and open there…

Is there some dev or debug mode?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

.omf is not a Cubase file extension. You can try importing it though.

Well, the problem is this: at that time I was able to load that file on the Cubase i had.
Not now.
Is it possible discover the exact version from omf file?

I’m afraid otherwise its gone forever :frowning:
The import guide you post thrown to me the error I’ve written above…

You might try using SX 3 to import then. It’s available at the SB website. Maybe someone who uses OMF a lot will reply too - I edited the titel of this topic to be a bit more descriptive.

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Tried with SX
Nothing to do, same message.

Any sort of logging? Or debug mode?

You might try a trial version of another application to see if it’s possible to open the OMF file, just as proof that it’s not corrupt. OMF was intended as a cross-platform format for exchanging project media (typically with video editing applications) and was never intended as a way to store Cubase projects.

For example, Cakewalk (Sonar) is now a free download, and can import OMF or perhaps you have access to Pro Tools or Logic. You might be able to at least rescue the contents of the project that way.