Problem on iPad os 16.1 with stage manager

Hi! So I have been pumped for stage manager to come out for quite some time. The issue that is occuring is the transport controls are blocked by the three dots that control weather you want to, full screen, add an other window, minimize, or close. It is extremely difficult / almost impossible to hit the play button with out activating the three dots.

Please fix this by having the option to move the transport controls to the bottom or side of the app. This is a major flaw, and cubasis is my primary daw on iPad.

Thank you! I love your app!!

Yeah I noticed this. Right under the 3 dots! You have to be very precise to hit play :joy:

Also wouldn’t it be amazing if the auv3 plug-ins could open into their own windows and the mixer too? One day……

Hi @andrewpmello,

The issue will be addressed in the upcoming Cubasis update.
However it might take time until the update will be ready to be released.



Thanks Lars, I’m glad your team is aware of it. I will be waiting.

Also preset saves, for grouped FX or auv3 instrument FX chains would be nice.

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