Problem opening empty/Sequel project

Hey guys,

I’ve started with Sequel 2 and Sequel 3 to get into recording and editing until I recently got Cubase 8.5 Artist, since it is way bigger than Sequel. I’ve already looked at some tutorials regarding Cubase and I think I’m good to go. Well at least I thought so. When I open Cubase 8.5 Artist and want to click ‘Create Empty’ in the Hub it doesn’t create an empty project, it doesn’t do anything at all. Only the hub closes.

Another matter: when I try to open a Sequel project, which I made sure worked with Cubase 8.5 (according to the website), it only briefly shows the mixer loading, but without any result. Not even an error message.

However, I can open a new project when starting a blueprint project, for example ‘Acoustic Guitar + Vocal’. So what am I doing wrong here? :question:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Both issues are linked, and it started with the Sequel project. Once you open any Sequel project, click to Workspaces menu and select any workspace here, please. The Project window (and other relevant windows) appears.

Then, if you create an empty project, the same windows Setup Layout appears too.

There is an known issue. Sequel projects don’t have any workspaces, so it’s loaded this way. :-/