Problem opening MusicXML file

Dorico does not understand the ‘multiple-rest’ MusicXML tag. It ignores all measures in a multi-measure rest . I include an image. The third measure should be measure 6. There’re 3 missing measures between measure 2 and measure 6. They should be a multi-measure rest.

I imagine that Dorico is not the only one not to understand this notation/tag.

Yes, it is a current limitation of Dorico’s MusicXML import that it does not import the multiple-rest element. I suggest you export your MusicXML files without multi-bar rests enabled for the time being: you can easily re-enable them in Dorico after importing the file.

That’s a good workaround, thanks! It is not a big problem. I just wanted to report it in case you were not aware. Thanks for answering!