Problem playing midi files (Cubase 7.5)

Hi guys!
I have a “problem” playing midi files in Cubase 7.5. (I worked with Nuendo for years and I never had this problem).
Here´s a small video so you can see the problem:

Maybe it´s a small problem but I do not find a solution for it.

I have a midi track loaded, ok. If record mode is enabled on that track it works but when I disabled it, it takes some time to play the notes…
Yesterday I realized it does not always work perfectly with record mode enabled.

When I used Nuendo, midi tracks always worked well.

I would appreciate your help,
Have a nice day.

What is your VSTi? Try using a different one.

Also, the notes exist then you push record, are you playing notes live, recording over the other ones?

If you just play it does it do the same thing?

I’ve seen similar problems while syncing to external hardware.

It´s just playing midi files.

I solved the problem. Device Configuration -> Asio-Guard disabled. It works now!