Problem recoarding vocals with focusrite 2i2

Hi last nite i was setting mi cubase following all the oficial videos on youtube, my keybord with midi works god, then i record direct audio from my keyboard and works fine, then i try with a condenser mic and i have problems because when recoarding the first note is lost in the track and the volumen goes down by it self so that recoarding dosent work.

I check my mic cables and everyting is good, so using the same configuration i try to record a vocal in garage band, and it works well.

What can i do to use cubase to record vocals?


What kind of track did you use for the Vocal? Did you use Mono Audio track with some kind of Voice/Vocal Track Preset? If yes, try to disable the VST Dynamics plug-in.

Hi Martin,

Actually i use a vocal track preset, i will tray to disable the vst, and tray again.