Problem recording in Cubase AI with a sound form Montage live-set collection

Can someone help me! I’m recording in Cubase AI with Yamaha Montage, and when I pick a sound from Montage Live-set collection and want to record it ( either record the whole sound in one Midi channel or in multi-channel method ) because of some existing delay effects, the sound does’t play competently. I mean the first few notes sound perfectly fine but when I keep playing and the delay effect mounts up, the sound gets muted and comes back on as if it can’t reflect the echos because of the delay effect. I don’t think its the issue of latency because the first few notes that I play I can hear them in real time with no latency but after those first few notes the sound starts getting muted and I have to wait for couple of seconds and start playing again so the sound can be heard normally. I would appreciate if somebody can give me some hits.
My computer system is Win 7 (64 bit), Core i7 processor, 16 G RAM.

Hi and welcome,

Don’t you reach the polyphony limit of the instrument by any chance?