Problem Redeeming Download Access Code

I purchased a upgrading license (Dorico SE to Dorico Elements 4) days ago and want to redeem it today, but the system shows dre-426 error.
I’m wondering what is going on.

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. Could you please send me your DAC in a private message so I can take a look and see what might be going on?

Hello there, i m having the same problem while, i bougth the cubase elements 13 upgrade but when i insert my dowload acces code(s) it appears this message. what should i do? thank u so mutch

@andrea_sciuto , welcome to the forum, but are you sure you want to ask this question on the Dorico Forum as opposed to the Cubase Forum?

Yes of course

Welcome to the forum, @andrea_sciuto. The error message you’re seeing is because you’ve apparently bought the wrong upgrade (presumably, you have e.g. Cubase Elements 11 and have bought the upgrade from Cubase Elements 12, or something like that). Please contact our support team for help: they will be able to issue a refund for the incorrect update, and help you to choose the correct update.