Problem running Izotope Ozone as clip FX?

I’m trying to load Izotope Ozone as a clip effect on the every single clip in a Montage. I cannot even get all of the clips loaded before Wavelab crashes. It is completely repeatable. It happens every single time. I make it through maybe the first 6 or 7 clips (maybe 15 total in montage), and Wavelab crashes. A few of the clips are actually crossfading… Track 5 for example has 3 clips that crossfade - so I’m trying to put Ozone on each clip.

Is this Wavelab, or Izotope? Either way, I am frustrated.

I use one of the Ozone 6 modules on the montage master semi-regularly without crashing but I will test on a clip next time I’m at my studio computer.

Have you tried both VST2 and VST3? Are you using the big Ozone plugins or do you have Ozone Advanced which gives you access to the individual modules?

I am able to use Ozone in the master section. I can also use it on a limited number of clips, but if I install too many versions across too many clips, it will eventually crash Wavelab… I do wish I had advanced, and I might upgrade to it at some point soon, but currently I am on the standard version of Ozone 6. I have tried with both VST3, and VST2 - same problem on both.

I just loaded the full Ozone 6 VST3 in it’s default state with (EQ, Dynamics, Maximizer) on to 11 separate audio clips in a montage. It hasn’t crashed.

Are you using a lot of modules within Ozone 6? I can test with your exact Ozone 6 settings.

Ozone is a very CPU intense plugin and if WaveLab treats Ozone like it does UAD, it means that even though you are only playing one clip with one Ozone instance, all the Ozone instances are using CPU at the same time.

So, my initial guess is that maybe all the Ozone instances are using too much CPU. Do you have a way to monitor your CPU?

Again, this is just my guess but we had a discussion in another thread about how you can use up UAD card DSP quickly in a WaveLab montage because it keeps all the plugins loaded even if you just have one UAD on each clip.

Thank you! Your suggestions about resource useage have been fruitful! Each instance of Ozone uses approximately 170MB of RAM. While my signature below shows a very powerful computer with 24GB RAM, that is not the computer I am currently using for Wavelab. I have two machines. The machine I use Wavelab on only has 2GB RAM.

Ozone uses 170MB of RAM for each instance. As soon as I run out of RAM, Wavelab crashes. I think it’s time for a new computer! 64-bit… so I can take advantage of more RAM.

Many thanks!

From what I can tell, Ozone and any other native plugins when used as clip plugins in Wavelab only tax the CPU for the plugins in the current clip when playing. It doesn’t load every plugin in the montage like UAD. But the Izotope plugins do use a lot of RAM, and that’s how I also experienced crashing when using many instances of Ozone: insufficient RAM. After upgrading RAM it seems Ozone would probably be fine as long as one renders regions/tracks rather than “whole montage”. (or not, depending on your CPU).

I think Wavelab only needs to be “fixed” for UAD, if that makes sense. Wasn’t really expecting that.

(TC Powercore is another case like UAD, but the Powercore plugins are always all “on” in other DAWs I’ve tried (even when play is stopped), so probably nothing to be done about those.)

Thanks for the clarification. A dedicated CPU meter within WaveLab would be nice to have for sure. I’m fortunate enough to have a UAD Octo card and I also do most of my normal album mastering process in Pro Tools, and only bring into WL for final sequencing, final limiting, and some other last minute plugins on clips if needed, so UAD instances in WL are minimal for me…but I can see how the current UAD usage would be a problem for some users that need to use a lot of instances in a montage and/or have a smaller UAD card.

Anyone who has Ozone ADVANCED: Can I ask a favor? Please test how much RAM the “maximizer” component plugin uses when you run it as a clip effect in the montage. The full version of ozone takes 203MB per instance, but I don’t have Ozone Advanced, so I can’t test to see how much the component maximizer plugin takes.


I’d be happy to test but I’d need to know which version of Ozone (5,6,7) and also what you’re using to test the RAM usage.

Thanks so much - Ozone 7… Windows 10 - to test the RAM useage, I just use the task manager, check memory useage for Wavelab before loading Ozone. Then I load Ozone, and check the Wavelab RAM useage again… and subtract the difference.

Using Windows 10/64-bit, I’m at 113MB RAM usage without any plugins and it goes to roughly 190MB usage with VST3 version of Ozone Maximizer loaded though I suspect that could vary a little bit depending on what mode your’e in and if dithering is enabled. I didn’t get 100% reproducible readings.

So, I’d say roughly 75MB RAM usage for Ozone 7 Maximizer module in VST3/64-bit.

Do you have the option to demo the Advanced version and check on your specific system? That might be best.

Thank you so much for testing it. I may be able to demo the advanced version - but I think really it’s just time for me to get a better 2nd computer. My multitrack machine is great, but my Wavelab machine is old, it’s slow, and it only has 2GB of RAM - which makes it extremely difficult to work with large montages. It’s time for something new I think…

I was hoping the component plugin used less than about 50MB, but I think 75MB is still going to be a bit too much for this old machine. It’s time to upgrade that one.