Problem saving programs Short Circuit VST in Cubase 5

Hello, I’ve been using ShortCircuit 2 sampling VST in Cubase 5. There’s an issue that seems to be Cubase specific, which is why I am asking it here.

When I use the VST in Cubase, the normal File / Edit context menu for ShortCircuit disappears when using the plugin in Cubase. This means I can only save a VST preset using the Cubase preset dialog. Why does the plugins file menu disappear, and how can I get it back to correctly save my programs? I need to save a very complicated SC2 setup, with multiple effects, samples, and many other settings that would take hours to recreate outside of Cubase.

I use this plugin in another program outside of Cubase for live performances, but I do most of my main editing and midi work inside of Cubase. Quite annoying to not be able to use the plugins normal program dialog menu!

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Where does Cubase 5 save my presets? Where can I find the folder for the preset it saves for SC2?

I searched my system for .vstpreset but it didn’t find anything. Anyone?

Alright, so after some efforts into trying to figure this out,I found a way to convert my vst presets from Cubase to an FXB that I can load outside of Cubase.

I found the .vstpreset for the program I saved in Cubase for SC2, in the following (hidden) folder - C:\Documents and Settings(Your User Name Here)\Application Data\VST3 Presets\Vember Audio\SC2

I did a google search for converting .vstpreset to fxp/fxb, and came up with this program called FXTractor -

This worked! The program converted my .vstpreset to an fxb, which I could then load in ShortCircuit2 outside of Cubase 5. It correctly converted all my individual effects settings, volume settings, samples, the whole 9 yards. I just can’t understand why I’m not able to save an FXP/FXB from the VST while INSIDE of Cubase. If anyone can slap me upside the head with an answer I’d appreciate it, especially if I am missing something obvious.

Otherwise this method works, my apologies if I’m just rehashing something that’s already been covered, I couldn’t find any forum posts here that covered this.