Problem selecting clips (events)

Again, a selection bug that’s too random to document. At times, as in most of the day yesterday, when Select is highlighted, both MIDI and Audio clips (events, not individual MIDI notes) will occasionally not select. Changing the view’s scaling, changing the vertical and/or horizontal views, force-quitting the app etc. seem to enable the “Select” command to work as it should. The worst bug I’ve experienced yet with Cubasis 3.5.1. And no, I can’t send a screen capture, because the bug is random.

A similar problem to the previous topic, Unable to move selected midi events

Hi cubaser,
I’ve managed to get a screen video of the Select tool issue, but I can’t upload it because for some reason I am not permitted to do so, never had problems uploading before🤔

Hi @cubaser, Hi @fixitmania53,

Thanks for your messages.

Just replied to @fixitmania53 on a similar topic: Unable to move selected midi events - #2 by LSlowak

If you still encounter issues, please share the exact steps or a clip.


Because this bug is random, it’s close to impossible to replicate it and document it without spending too much time beta testing, rather than creating. The exact steps have been already submitted. It would be appreciated if Steinberg would take us at our word, rather than asking for constant “proof”. It happens. It’s a bug. Perhaps Steinberg could take as long as it would take us, to replicate it and see for themselves? Otherwise, a fantastic app.