Problem setting up Stereo Out fader

I’m using Cubase 11 in Windows 10 and an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88.

I just learned how to set up the faders & knobs in Cubase 11 so I’d like to use the faders/knobs/buttons on the Pro 88.
I set up the transport buttons & they work fine.

I wanted to have a fader for Stereo In and one set for Stereo Out in the mixer.

Studio > Studio Setup > Generic Controller

Midi In = Keystation Pro 88
Midi Out = Keystation Pro 88 but I’ve also tried ‘Not Connected’

Top half of the interface I renamed a fader to Stereo Out
Checked the Learn box and moved the fader.

The address of the fader changed so I unchecked Learn
In the lower section, I set the Stereo Out fader to
Device = Mixer
Channel Category = Stereo Out
Value/Action = Volume
Everything worked.

I went through these same steps to set up a Stereo In fader. Then I set up a knob to pan the selected track.

The problem is – when I close the project and re-open, everything works fine except for the Stereo Out fader. That fader now adjusts volume on a random track. The Stereo In fader and the knob assigned to pan remain as they should but when I go into Studio > Studio Setup > Generic Controller the Stereo Out fader is assigned to this random track in the lower half of the interface.
The Stereo Out fader does this with every project I open.

I thought it might be an issue with that fader so I tried 2 other faders and one of the knobs with the same result. I also tried setting up the Stereo Out fader with an empty project. As long as I work in that project, it functions as it should. When I close it and open another project (or that same project) it changes the Stereo Out.

Thanks for your help.

There’s a quirk in setting up the Generic Remote (OK maybe more than one) that I think burns everyone at least once - and some of us more than that.

When you make changes in a Generic Remote those changes will only stay in effect until you close Cubase unless you Export the setup. I think it would better be named Save but I don’t get to pick. It’s fine to write over a previously Exported file, but you got to do the Export.

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Thanks for your help. This worked!

Also be careful

  1. Make sure you are exporting and not importing.
  2. The delete at the top is for a single setting. The one at the bottom is ALL settings!!! (on a page)

Thank you for the advice, though I will admit I discovered both of these the hard way. The only saving grace is that I planned everything out and mapped it in Excel so I had notes to recover from.

But it still took a long time to get everything back to where I had it before I snarfed it all.

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