Problem starting and running version 8.5

Hi Forum, and happy holidays.
I have an annoying problem, that I have submitted to Steinberg, but I am hoping to be able to have some predictable workflow during holidays, so I share it here too, in hopes someone have an idea. :wink:

Here is the description:

Since I updated CB 8.5 pro, I encountered a unpredictable and weird problem.
First of all I must point out that I am not able to choose 8.5 pro as default program in Win 7. When I choose it manually it still don’t show up. I am forced to choose 8 instead.
This was not an issue before update. Further I manually try to start 8.5 but 8 starts, sometimes, and sometimes not. I believe. Finally when I manage to start the correct program version, I often get a crash, and then a warning that version 8 is not responding. ??? It is obvious that CB and/or win7 don’t know which program to choose and run. Secondly it seems to me that they are running simultaneously.


The crash is while loading any Channel. These kind of crashes are most often plug-in related. Please, make sure, your plug-ins are up-to-date.

Regarding the start of Cubase 8 instead 8.5. Is your Cubase 8.5 installed on the C drive? I’m not Windows expert, but it seems like Registers mismatch to me a bit.