Problem synching tempo definition with video

With a music video, I mapped out all the measures and then did the tempo definition and then deleted all the points. As the audio was now shorter than the video, I changed the tempo till they almost exactly matched. Then I saw as I watched the video that the movements were out of time with the music.

I did this before and think I had good alighnment all the way through and there was a little bit longer difference at the end between the audio and video, but this new attempt went off right from the beginning, where the music breaks and the arms keep playing the drums, though it was in time before. Is there as solution?

Could you post a screenshot of your Cubase project? I’m curious to see what tracks it contains.

Her are 3 screenshots., before deleting the points, after deleting, and then changing tempo to the closest match within 1/100 of a beat. Still goes out of synch obviously when there is a break at M11, and drummer arms keep moving. Pix are reverse order.