PROBLEM-Synchronizing projects on different laptops with same or different midi devives

I’ve created a project on Laptop A

I copy this project to Laptop B

It’s the same Midi-device (with a different ID?)
I have to edit all projects
Same procedure if there are different Hardware Midi-devices.
To solve this problem it could be a good solution for a global management:

“Name” is the alias name. VL keeps up to 32 ports assigned to it. So when I have a different interface in the rehearsal room, I only need to save it once and it is saved with the project.

a) as the names are the same, I would actually expect Laptop B to find the port in the first place. Will check this.
b) when you save your project on Laptop B and load it again in Laptop A, it should find the port, as it was saved by Laptop A in the first place, right? From then on, both environments should work with this project.

VST Live also keeps these assignments on the local machine, so it should also work when you swap interfaces, once the assignment was saved with NAME. This is also why you get a warning when you attempt to rename the “alias”, because that is what the project referes to.

thanks for your reply.
What I’m doing wrong ?
Computer A - new project:

Save on Computer A
Open on Computer B


The project loads the assignments for MIDI IN 1 and 2, and overwrites what you set in the hub. Once you do the assignment in the Connections panel and save the project, it should open fine on both systems.
As I said before, it should open on Computer B nevertheless, because the device port names are the same, and we will check this, just give us a little time.

Did a test right now.
Computer 1: UR22C interface, new project, set MIDI IN 1 to URC22C-1, and MIDI IN 2 to Virtual MIDI 1.
Computer 2: same interface, opens exactly as saved.
But now I also see that the names of your ports are not the same. On Computer A, it is “MIDISPORT 2x2” and on Computer B it is “6-MIDISPORT 2x2” (whatever the reason).
I can see your point though. You expect it to choose the hub settings instead of the ones saved in the project. That makes sense if a) the ports saved in the project are not available, b) the ports selected in the hub are available on the local machine and c) the Name (“alias”) exists in both places. Will try to implement it for the next version. Thanks for reporting.

The next version will check to see if the saved port is not available, and then check if local ports contain the same Name (alias) port with an existing bus (interface connection), and take that then.