Problem Syncing Audio with Video after Export

Currently I am working on a film in Nuendo, everything seems to be in sync during while editing but when I export and send it to the client the audio is off by about 5 frames. Does anyone know any causes of this?

Too many variables to guess…
Off by 5 frames compared to what? Are they lining it up by timecode in your export (Broadcast WAV?) and maybe your project timecode in Nuendo isn’t quite right? Or are they lining it up just by start-of-file and maybe when you exported you had your in/out marks in the wrong place?

Hi, did you make sure that your locators are well positioned? Make sure you click on the video, press ‘P’ to move the locators exactly on the video, and then export.

Ask for a ProRes or DNxHD video playout with a 2-pop to work with and deliver your files also with the 2-pop, so your client can align the files. Then you shouldn’t have any synch problems.


+1 here. The day I learned about 2 pop/Tail pop and made that a requirement with clients all sync issues all but vanished.